Agricultural economics and rural development specialist, Independent consultant, 35 years of professional experience.

Strong international exposure, with a focus on Asia and North America: besides France (my native country), lived and worked in India, Pakistan, Thailand, the USA, the United Arab Emirates and Japan for a total of 22 years, under contract for European and American private firms, consultancies as well as international organizations. Excellent knowledge and understanding of the socio-economic, cultural and historic context of South-Asian and South-East Asian countries.

20 years of experience in monitoring European Union-funded projects in most Asian countries with a strong focus on rural development, agriculture and livestock development & economics, food security, environmental conservation & sustainable management of natural resources, and a concern for the social and governance-related aspects of rural development. Excellent understanding and mastering of monitoring methodologies. Technical assistance to NGOs (evaluation of field interventions, writing of project proposals).

14 years of experience in assisting agribusiness companies in analyzing industry sectors, business and development strategies (competitive intelligence), in conducting feasibility studies, in identifying and evaluating agribusiness opportunities (Pakistan, India, USA).

Since 2002, owner, manager and designer of a small textile company, working in close coordination with craftsmen in Indian Kashmir and marketing products in Europe.